Welcome to St. Joseph Catholic Church

The Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI) is dedicated to the preservation and spread of the traditional Catholic Faith. CMRI is responsible for over 50 traditional Catholic churches and Mass centers both in the U.S. and abroad, a number of schools staffed by religious, several publications, and a comprehensive online Catholic store. Read more about how these traditional Catholic priests, Brothers and Sisters live and spread the authentic Catholic Faith and the Fatima Message...

In your charity and respect for the Blessed Sacrament, we ask all to keep the spirit of reverent silence in Church, especially during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
In respect for the Blessed Sacrament, women and girls should have their heads covered in church. Slacks, short skirts -those which do not extend below the knees- shorts, and sleeveless or reveal-ing clothing are forbidden. For men and boys, jeans and other forms of casual dress are inappropriate
Enrollment in the Brown Scapular
If you are interested in enrollment in the Brown Scapular, please talk to Father Jurado. The Sabbatine Privilege is connected to the Brown Scapular. The Sabbatine Privi-lege consists essentially in the early liberation from Purgatory through the special intercession of Mary on the day consecrated to her, Saturday. There are three conditions for the gaining of the Sabbatine Privilege. 1. We must wear the scapular. 2. Observe chastity according to our state in life. 3. Recite the little office of our Blessed Mother.
Worthy Preparation for Holy Communion:
To receive Holy Communion one must be a baptized Catholic; free from mortal sin since the last good confession; and observe the laws of fasting. Fasting laws require no solid food or alcoholic beverage for three hours before Holy Communion and no liquids for one hour. Water may be taken any time. Venial sin does not prevent one from making a worthy recep-tion of our Lord in Holy Communion, if an act of contrition is made.